We are on a mission to end extreme poverty within our lifetime.
And together, we can.

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1 in 4Indians goes to sleep without a meal,
3 in 4 have the power to help them.

With your support, 5000+ people across 60 districts have come out of extreme poverty.

Impact location Beneficiaries

Jamiya Devi

I used to migrate and work at a brick kiln 400km from my home, leaving behind my kids. We survived just eating Chawal (rice) and Namak (salt) once every day. we/can gave me tools and skills to begin my own agriculture. Within 6 months I have two sources


Jethua Parhayia

I live with my father, wife and six kids at Parhayia tola of Ambakholka village. Every year I migrates to brick klein of Benaras with his wife. I Started to take loan from others to mitigate the financial problem. we/can is now helping me

Sarita Devi

I used to sell a bundle of sticks for ₹10 every day, couldn't afford even two meals a day. I had ₹5,000 loans to repay. we/can helped me develop a Kirana shop and start my own small agriculture. Now my children go to school.

We provide evidence for our work

Once you donate, we clearly show the impact you have enabled with photos and GPS coordinates.

We are an open book

We regularly audit our finances and share them with donors.

We are government recognised

We are a charitable organization registered under section 8.

The happiest people are not the ones who get more. But those who give more.

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