About Us

Around 373 million Indians are still living in poverty, with about 68 million of them in extreme poverty, without the security of even 2 meals a day. The good news is that the rest of us - three out of four Indians - can help. And if each one of us does this, we can realise our dream of poverty-free India, within our generation.

The/Nudge Foundation started 4 years back with a simple purpose - to alleviate poverty, sustainably and scalably - and in our journey so far, we’ve impacted the lives of more than a million Indians across the length and breadth of India, through our direct and indirect work in skilling, livelihoods, education, healthcare, gender, land & property inclusivity, etc.

we/can is our call-out to every Indian to stand-up against poverty, and join us in our journey of building a poverty-free India by helping one person at a time. Your support goes directly to the families who need it the most, and we share frequent updates on the impact your support is making.

Together, we/can!