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Poverty is usually defined as living on than Rs 32 per day. But extreme poverty is more complicated and stubborn than that. Families who live in extreme poverty battle every day for basic needs - food, medicines, work. India has 70 million people who live in extreme poverty - more than the population of the UK, France, or Italy. Yet, they remain invisible. They are the bottom 5-10% in each village. Living in extreme poverty means having no hope for change. we/can is determined to change this - by rekindling hope to women. Women, more than men, have the strength to break this trap. Our proven models work with limited resources and the transformation is visible. We believe we can end extreme poverty in our lifetime. But we can’t do this alone. We need you.

Our Story

Our Approach


Our didis at first are difficult to identify and work with. Men have always overshadowed her. So we follow a structured approach. We get the elders to support, then the panchayat mukhiyas and pradhans. We conduct household assessments to identify her needs and status.

Step 2: Securing food and basic needs

We provide 3 months of weekly ration in cash or kind. This is her ‘breathing space’. It helps her forget her worries for a while and focus on learning. We help them join self-help groups, made up of only women members. These self-help groups become their pillar of support for life. Didis give confidence to each other, motivate each other, save small sums of money together

Step 3: Livelihood planning

Our coaches work with didis and their families to identify ways to increase their incomes. Depending on the local context, income-generating activities may include shop-keeping, agriculture, or livestock rearing. We coach them every week and handhold them every step of the way

Step 4: ‘Big Push’ - starting a business

The fact is, banks and formal lending institutions do not lend to the poorest women. Reasons - no property in her name and no steady income.

This is why your donation is critical. We give her a grant - a big push. It is her big breakthrough. Now she can focus on building her livelihood without a loan burden. Our expert coaches monitor so that your grant is used wisely.

Step 5: Regular coaching and hand-holding

Our coaches hand-hold the didis throughout the program through weekly visits. During these visits, the most important role of the coach is to keep the didis motivated. It is hard work but it is that simple. Alongside this, the coach helps her in business planning, money management, health, gender issues, and social issues

Step 6: Access to government welfare and support

Each of us has different starting points in life's marathon. Our didis start at the very back with tired legs. Your donation gives her a chance to catch up.

Our coaches map available government schemes to the didis and help her access them. This includes creating bank accounts and required documentation as well as filling applications. The result - safety nets that protect her and her kids when they fall.

Yes, our approach works.

There are 100+ research studies on our model's impact.
The model is being implemented in 50+ countries.
United Nations Research

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